Mit transfer deadline

We recommend that prospective transfer students take a variety of mathematics and science courses before applying. This includes one year each of college-level calculus and calculus-based physics, and one semester each of biology and chemistry. If you received advanced placement from high school courses, then you should enroll at the appropriate level for each of the disciplines mentioned above.

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Core graduation requirements for all majors at MIT are two semesters of college calculus and calculus-based physics, and one semester each of chemistry and biology.

Testing must be completed by the November test date for spring February entry and by the March test date for fall September entry. These dates change each year and are set by the testing agency. If we admit you as a transfer student, you can expect to receive credit for subjects of study that are substantively equivalent to corresponding MIT subjects. Academic credit is not assessed until after you are admitted to MIT, at which point it is evaluated by the relevant academic departments.

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Transfer students typically lose at least one semester of course work. Most students enter MIT as sophomores, regardless of the amount of coursework they completed at their previous college s.

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MIT Admissions Decision Reaction

Coursework and test requirements We recommend that prospective transfer students take a variety of mathematics and science courses before applying. Core graduation requirements Core graduation requirements for all majors at MIT are two semesters of college calculus and calculus-based physics, and one semester each of chemistry and biology.

Credit transfer If we admit you as a transfer student, you can expect to receive credit for subjects of study that are substantively equivalent to corresponding MIT subjects.Skip to main content.

Explore Read insightful blog posts from our diverse group of graduate students. From navigating the infinite corridor to balancing a social life, the blog offers perspectives on the many facets of life at MIT. The experiences highlighted in these blogs demonstrate the interconnectedness of the graduate community.

mit transfer deadline

Welcome Newly admitted students are welcomed to the MIT community. Discover Why choose MIT? This is a question that many students will ask themselves before coming to MIT. Our own graduate students have asked this very same question, and to help others navigate along the path to graduate school they have shared their insights. Apply Become a part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology community. Admitted Applicants. International Applicants. Master's Degrees.

Doctoral Degrees. My childhood dream was coming true, and my emotions were a whirlwind of excitement and disbelief. In a fit of excitement, I called my mom and somehow managed to string together words to convey the good news to her. At the end of the phone Coronavirus has drastically changed our daily lives as MIT students. In the span of a week, we have gone from attending regularly scheduled classes and happily discussing spring break plans to an almost vacant campus.

My heart goes out in sadness to the senior undergraduate students who never got Now that we're working from home and many of us have relocated from campus, maintaining effective communication with our advisors remotely presents an additional stressor on top of trying not to catch coronavirus.

But some of us are already well-acquainted with the joys of skyping in sweatpants It Snows Here? It was AM.Skip to Content. Before you transfer to CU Boulder, take some time to learn about us and plan ahead. Some important factors for you to consider include understanding our transfer process, what prerequisites you will need to meet for each of our academic programs, cost and funding opportunities and what necessary components you will need to complete your transfer application.

Decision Notification

We also hope you'll reach out and connect with us. There are so many ways to do this —follow our FutureBuffs social channels, read our transfer blog, explore campus or setup a transfer appointment with your counselor. And, to stay up-to-date on important information about applying and deadlines, make sure to join our communication list. Request Info. Explore Visit Programs. As you begin thinking about taking the next steps to transfer, some of the top things you'll want to do first are review prerequisites for each of our academic programs, create a Transferology account, research cost and funding opportunities, setup a transfer admission appointment and learn about what's needed to complete your transfer application.

Review Application Checklist.

mit transfer deadline

Create a Transferology Account. Sign Up for a Transfer Info Session. Schedule a Transfer Appointment. Your CU Boulder admission counselor will be your primary point of contact with the Office of Admissions. They are here to help you through the application and answer any questions that may arise during the admission process.

Reach out to your admission counselor, browse our latest blog content, find out when we will be visiting your area and connect with us FutureBuffs on social. Visit CU Boulder and experience for yourself our spectacular surroundings and the extraordinary opportunities our campus provides. No matter which way you choose—a quick spin around the virtual tour, a campus tour one morning or afternoon, or a whole day visit program—just make sure to take some time to experience one of the best places to live in America.

Apply for Admission. Visit Campus. Search Enter the terms you wish to search for. Other ways to search: Events Calendar Campus Map. Transfer Applicants. Breadcrumb Home Admissions Transfer Applicants. Interested in learning more about CU Boulder? Planning Your Transfer. Connect with Us. Find Your Counselor.

Read Our Blog. Connect on Social. Discover What's Here. Browse visit programs Visit Campus. Explore from your home Virtual Tour.The information provided here contains a broad overview of Admissions policies and procedures. For specific information, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website. Although MIT does not have any required high school classes, applicants are expected to have enrolled in a broad, rigorous program in high school.

A strong academic foundation in high school will help students make the most of the Institute when they are here. Advice and suggestions on how to prepare for MIT are available on the Admissions website. Prospective applicants and their families are welcome to visit the Admissions Reception Center in RoomMonday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.

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Undergraduate admissions information sessions are offered most weekdays in the morning and in the afternoon with student-guided tours of the campus immediately following. Visit the Admissions website for detailed information. MIT has its own online application. Students may register for a MyMIT account at any time to be added to the mailing list and when they're ready to apply, use their MyMIT account to access the application.

The application will be available online in August of the year prior to proposed entry. Early Action has a November 1 deadline. Regular Action candidates must complete the application process by January 1 of the year of intended entrance. Early Action decisions will be announced in mid-December. At that time, the committee may offer admission, deny admission, or defer the decision to Regular Action.

Deferred applications are reconsidered without prejudice in March. MIT accepts fee waiver requests. Additionally, MIT participates in the QuestBridge National College Match program, which aims to increase the percentage of talented low-income students attending the nation's best universities and the ranks of national leadership itself.

Interested applicants should consult the QuestBridge website. Council members are MIT graduates who have volunteered to interview on behalf of the Office of Admissions. Standardized tests are required for all applicants. Although spaces are very limited, transfer students are welcome on campus for their fresh perspective, maturity, and focus. Students who have completed a minimum of one year with high academic standing at an accredited college, university, technical institute, or community college may be considered for transfer admission.

Students with more than two and one-half years of study are not eligible.

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The MIT transfer application is available online. Students applying for spring admission must complete the transfer application by November Students applying for fall admission must complete the transfer application by March International students are eligible for fall admission only.

Applicants may request a fee waiver. Students admitted by transfer may receive credit for subjects of study completed elsewhere which are substantially equivalent to corresponding Institute subjects. Academic credit is not assessed until after a student is admitted.

You may compare the courses offered at your institution to those offered at MIT this year.

mit transfer deadline

The PDF includes all information on this page and its related tabs.View the CDS Archive. General Information B. Enrollment and Persistence C. Transfer Admission E. Academic Offerings and Policies F. Student Life G. Annual Expenses H. Financial Aid I. Instructional Faculty and Class Size J. Disciplinary areas of Degrees Conferred. Institutional Enrollment--Men and Women Provide numbers of students for each of the following categories as of the institution's official fall reporting date or as of October 15, Include international students only in the category "Nonresident aliens.

Report as your institution reports to IPEDS: persons who are Hispanic should be reported only on the Hispanic line, not under any race, and persons who are non-Hispanic multi-racial should be reported only under "Two or more races.

Persistence B3. Number of degrees awarded by your institution from July 1,to June 30, For each graduation rate grid below, the numbers in the first three columns for Questions A-G should sum to the cohort total in the fourth column formerly CDS B4-B Please provide data for the Fall cohort if available. If Fall cohort data are not available, provide data for the Fall cohort. Note: Questions B12 - B21 have been omitted. They apply to Two-Year Institutions only.

Retention Rates Report for the cohort of all full-time, first-time bachelor's or equivalent degree-seeking undergraduate students who entered in Fall or the preceding summer term. The initial cohort may be adjusted for students who departed for the following reasons: death, permanent disability, or service in the armed forces, foreign aid service of the federal government or official church missions.

No other adjustments to the initial cohort should be made. For the cohort of all full-time bachelor's or equivalent degree-seeking undergraduate students who entered your institution as freshmen in Fall or the preceding summer termwhat percentage was enrolled at your institution as of the date your institution calculates its official enrollment in Fall ? Applications C1.


First-time, first-year freshman students: Provide the number of degree-seeking, first-time, first-year students who applied, were admitted, and enrolled full- or part-time in Fall Include early decision, early action, and students who began studies during summer in this cohort. Applicants should include only those students who fulfilled the requirements for consideration for admission i.

Admitted applicants should include wait-listed students who were subsequently offered admission. Freshman wait-listed students students who met admission requirements but whose final admission was contingent on space availability. Do you have a policy of placing students on a waiting list? Is your waiting list ranked? No If yes, do you release that information to students? Admission Requirements C3.

High school completion requirement Check the appropriate box to identify your high school completion requirement for degree-seeking entering students:. Does your institution require or recommend a general college-preparatory program for degree-seeking students?

If you use a different system for calculating units, please convert. Basis for Selection C6. Do you have an open admission policy, under which virtually all secondary school graduates or students with GED equivalency diplomas are admitted without regard to academic record, test scores, or other qualifications?Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts. The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.

Today MIT is a world-class educational institution. Teaching and research—with relevance to the practical world as a guiding principle—continue to be its primary purpose. MIT is independent, coeducational, and privately endowed. Its five schools and one college encompass numerous academic departments, divisions, and degree-granting programs, as well as interdisciplinary centers, laboratories, and programs whose work cuts across traditional departmental boundaries.

Transfer Applicants

Will my credits transfer? Learn More. Scholarships and Financial Aid:. Transfers are given the same financial aid consideration as all undergrad students.

Information on financial aid for transfer students is included with the transfer admissions application. Accepts Transfers:. If you've completed 2 or more terms at an accredited college, university, tech institute, military academy or community college, you may apply for transfer admission. There is no minimum required GPA. However, competitive applicants have a GPA of 3. The submission of three evaluation forms from college instructors is required with your application.

If you think you may qualify for a fee waiver, please contact our office.


A personal interview is not required for transfer admission consideration. We recommend that you take a variety of math and science courses before applying, including one year each of college-level calculus and calculus-based physics, and one semester each of biology and chemistry. Minimum Grade:. The lowest grade earned for any course that may be transferred for credit is B.

You must have min of 2 semesters of college, but no more than 5. Transfer credit is assessed by each academic department on a course by course basis. Transfer students are required to complete at least 3 semesters at MIT to earn a bachelors degree.

Find us on:.For spring entry Februarywe must receive your final application with all supporting documents by November If you are a citizen of a foreign country, you may apply for September entry only.

For fall entry Septemberwe must receive your final application with all supporting documents by March Transcripts should be sent as soon as they are available; if you are applying during your first year of college, you should send your first-term grades along with your application, and arrange to have second-term grades forwarded as soon as available.

One evaluation should be from a math or science instructor, and the other two should be from any instructors who know you well. We find that the best recommendations are written by professors who know an applicant well as both a student and a person. You are also welcome but not required to submit two supplemental letters of recommendation from high school teachers, employers, etc. If you went to high school in another country and cannot have your transcripts sent by the school, you may include a copy of your grades with your application.

College transcript We require an official transcript from each college attended. Please have all transcripts sent directly to MIT. Admissions decisions will be based on your coursework completed to date. If you are admitted, you will need to submit a final transcript when your most recent grades become available. We have recently changed our testing requirements.

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The requirements below are updated and accurate for all applicants seeking admission to enter MIT in and beyond. Standardized tests are required for any transfer application to MIT, regardless of how many years of college you have completed. If a student takes the same test multiple times, we will consider the highest score achieved in each section. We do this in order to consider all applicants in their best light. We will accept and evaluate these scores the same way we consider superscores for all other tests.

Please note that our office will verify scores for all enrolling students.

mit transfer deadline

These minimums are in place to ensure your level of English proficiency.

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